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Writer’s Guild of Canada
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Trained by the CBC, and creator of two popular award winning TV series for CBC Quebec,Steppin’ Out! & Consumerscope  Judith Murray works in visual and audio medium.


“Do You Know Me Now” won a Silver Remi Award in the short documentary category at the 2017 Worldfest Houston.  The 27:35 minute doc shows that while Alzheimer’s and other dementias take away cognitive thinking, the deep personhood of your loved family member or friend always remains.  And we show care givers how to connect for real relationship in the moment.
Here is the link

2015, directing some half-hour episodes for the weekly long running syndicated TV series on PBS, “The World Show:. Hosted by Robert Scully.  You can find the in your local PBS market.  For more info about the show go to  2 camera shoot

In 2006 Ms. Murray wrote and directed a dramatic short, “Love, Lust & Opportunity.” Telling the story of a woman in her fifties who discovers that she is not dead sexually, the underlying theme of LLO is the strong ties of friendship.  In 2008 CTV commissioned her to develop a six episode “bible” treatment for LLO.  (Here is the link to screen the dramatic short, “Love, Lust & Opportunity.”)

“Variety” wrote of her direction of CBC’s half hour drama
, Family Matters: “Director Judith Murray conveys a war rapport between John and the kids without resorting to cloyingly sweet interaction.” “Story telling is my passion... whether truth or fiction.  Helping others bring their ideas to the screen is also deeply satisfying.” 

Recent work in visual media include You Tube videos for the United Church of Canada (see link  Ms Murray was also a director/writer for the United Church’s one hour video,  “Hear Our Voices” featuring people from many tribes of Canada’s First Nations.  (DVD available upon request) It features a profile of Perry Bellegarde, Current Nations Chief of the Assembly of First Nations

Past assignments include the environmental variety shows, “Celebrate the Earth,” with host Tom Jackson, & “Eco Variety, from the Yukon to the Yucatan” with host Graham Greene. 

Over the years Ms. Murray has produced, written and directed for CBC TV series, Marketplace
& Gzowski & Co., worked in partnership with YTV, developed pilots in food and sustainable living, HGTV, “Mark Cullen Gardening,” “The Indoor Gardener;” Vision – “Spirit Connection.”  Radio work includes an interview with Vietnamese monk and author, Thich Nhat Hahn for CBC Radio, Tapestry. 

A detailed c.v. is available upon request.
Judith Murray in France 2011-web

Judith Murray