Writer:   Judith Murray



An unwanted sexual encounter forces a fifty plus boomer to confront her personal sexuality.  This short film addresses all baby boomers who are knocking at the half century door, and to all who suspect that sex cannot possibly exist past fifty.  At least not the way it was.

In LOVE, LUST & OPPORTUNITY a fifty-three year old woman unexpectedly meets a male colleague who becomes sexually aggressive.  This unsought, unexpected, unwanted sexual encounter leads her to re-examine her personal sexuality...  a tune-up and tune-in.

Two old friends and working colleagues, Charlotte Brown and Cory Silverman, meet by chance in Toronto at a film festival.  Both are married to other people, and their relationship has been mainly professional over the twenty years they have known each other.
The action of the short film revolves around what happens when one of the two colleagues decides to make an aggressive pass at the other....  Cory invites Charlotte to his hotel room ostensibly to pick up some business cards, and pretty much jumps on top of her.  Charlotte thinks that her age and stage in life eliminate her from any sexual overtures (either welcome or unwelcome) from a male other than her husband.

In fact, Charlotte felt sexually invisible before her encounter with Cory, given her age, the way she was raised, society’s dictates, and promotion of youth; her non-existent self-image deriving from all the former.   Also, post-menopausal hormone lows are leaving her libido-less.

The physical attack pushes Charlotte to examine her own sexuality, unwanted sex, and unexpected sexual feelings with Cory with her friend, Eva.  Eva does not share Charlotte’s feelings that older women are sexual non-players, indeed, she has never left the game.

                                                          Cast & Crew
                                                  Love, Lust & Opportunity

Charlotte:  Bronwen Mantel
Cory:  John Evans
Eva:  Rosemary Dunsmore

Writer – Director:  Judith Murray
Director of Photography:  Jocelyn Belzile
Editor:  Jim Blokland
Sound:  Edwin Cooke
Make-up:  Lianne Harrower
First A.D.:  Divya D’Souza
Cellist:  Alexandra McMaster
Producers:  Pegi Gross, Judith Murray, Bertrand Walle

LLO Synopsis